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The Axis1 Eagle is the first 100% perfectly balanced putter. Because it is perfectly balanced, it doesn't naturally open-up, resulting in more on-line putts and lower scores. We accomplished this special feat by pushing the weight forward with a patented heel counter weight that for the very first time places the center of gravity right on the center of the striking face and perfectly aligned with the axis of the shaft.
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  saunderscc - 4/11/10
Goofy looking putter (but you'll get over it). Really outstanding for greens that are quick where putts will hold their line. However, for slow, fuzzy, or bumpy greens, I prefer a putter with a slightly heavier head.

After reading about the numerous awards the Axis1 Eagle received at the 2009 PGA Show, I replaced my Prototype Cameron Long-Neck that I've played with since 1997. It was an experiment, but the Axis1 is still in my bag. I haven't "pushed" a putt since playing with the Axis1. It did take me a round, or two to get used to the unique shape.

It's too bad they only sell this from their website. I think more players would use the Axis1 if they had a chance pick one up at a golf store and give it a roll. At $299, it's a bit of a chance to take on a club you can only read about on the web. The balance on the Axis1 is superb.
  dlnigh - 1/1/16
  Cstovie - 10/23/14
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