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  Legitimatebeef - 7/30/10
Well after gaming this stick for nigh on five years now, about time for a review. What can I say? it is a baller's putter! You have to make a good stroke, the head is rather small. Like a muscleback blade iron- doesnt offer much in the way of MOI or all that, it doesn't help you stroke it much. the head is almost too small for my eye, but hey it rolls true and what else can you hope for in a putter. I will say that my ping pal is the envy of all my golf friends, with all the putts I been makin.
  GIS 1 - 6/2/14
  normaxelson - 8/2/11
  Jason Kopp - 6/16/10
  falcon50driver - 8/11/08
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