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Scotty Cameron - California Coronado

California Coronado

  - Scotty Cameron
A pintail with performance in its sole. The two-tiered flange contours flow back into a pulled-in heel Scotty calls a pintail. From address, squint slightly and let your mind create the outline of a 1960s-era balsa surfboard and you’ll see. This blade design appeals to the putting purist who demands a melt-into-the green putter with spot-on balance and handling.
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  clayplays - 7/28/11
The end all for putters. Wonderful balance. You just feel like your going to sink em all.
  jversaw - 4/6/15
  WA_Golfer - 6/22/13
  Williesco - 10/7/12
  bpolly - 9/18/12
  lpcongas - 9/10/12
  paddyobusey - 6/10/12
  jjallenjr - 5/4/12
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