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Scotty Cameron - Futura Phantom

Futura Phantom

  - Scotty Cameron
The Futura Phantom takes design to the edge for optimal performance. The Futura Phantom has a black anodized finish providing better contrast for the simplified single sightline on the top rail. The Futura design has a unique weight distribution with 75% of the weight being in the stainless “horseshoe” and 25% being in the face and body. This combination of balance allows the Futura to perform like no other putter we have ever tested.
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  RIssitt - 6/28/15
  imrondog - 11/9/14
  konradpj1 - 7/19/14
  Nilso - 7/15/14
  Eddie Brock - 5/6/12
  MrBlkMagic - 10/20/11
  NickWest - 9/4/11
  mmaric - 8/15/11
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