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In 1/2 Wack-E

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  mitch7 - 4/4/12
Feels good,easy to line up, heavy enough. but not to heavy.good size.
  zchef - 3/6/12
I absolutely love it. I loved my previous putter but was screwing around in the pro shop and it's my putter for life. Great feel for distance.
  AdeT - 4/6/10
Puts an excellent role of the ball and feels firm but not violent off the face. Distance control very good. I particulary like the centre shaft. I find it makes lining up very easy.
  StephenWren - 9/30/12
  Stretch1out - 8/20/12
  Ricky Anderson - 7/19/12
  Paulie Lama - 7/8/12
  macdat52 - 5/10/12
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