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Ping - Scottsdale TR Piper C

Scottsdale TR Piper C

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Part of the Scottsdale TR series of putters, this center-shafted mallet features a 6061 aluminum face insert with variable-depth grooves - deeper in the middle, shallower at the top and bottom. The face angle is also adjustable, ±2°. The black PVD finish reduces glare.

The Piper C features a sloping flange and is available in 33- to 36-inch models.

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  Davepm888 - 6/30/13
For those with a straight back and through putting style this is gold. Put it in my bag 4 rounds ago and yesterday one putt 9 greens and only 1 3 putt. I am now averaging around 30 putts per round where before I was 36 or more per round. Do the Ping putter fitting online at the very least.
  Allen_Miles - 7/16/15
  dvcturtle - 7/11/13
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