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Victoria II

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The Yes! Victoria II model is a mallet-style putter made of 304 stainless steel. It features a 370 gram head to help stabilize the hands from breaking down through impact. With its large cavity-back head, extensive single sight line and perimeter weighting, the stability of the Victoria II model will help instill confidence in your putting. Combine these traits with our patented C-Grooves for a game improving club!
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  MostlyBogies - 10/16/12
Classy look and a great roll.
  Werzul - 3/23/14
  smileyjohn54 - 5/22/13
  Big Gary - 5/6/13
  eddie041 - 9/24/12
  Zamfir - 4/19/12
  Barbara Schmid-Otto - 3/18/12
  culinarykid - 7/7/11
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