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Odyssey - White Hot XG Teron

White Hot XG Teron

  - Odyssey
The Odyssey White Hot XG utilizes a multi-layer insert for phenomenal performance with any golf ball. Inspired by high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology, the White Hot XG insert takes two materials with different properties and combines them to take the level of feedback and feel to an all-new high.
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  hrkeene - 8/30/11
This putter better be good because when you first see it, you get the feeling it's really a weapon. Once you start using it you realize that it is a weapon for lowering your total putts per round.
  postl623 - 1/29/16
  kbaker431 - 7/29/15
  Kishi - 7/15/14
  xupers - 7/1/14
  Squiggley - 4/20/14
  pzegers - 9/5/13
  wilson48 - 8/22/13
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