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A professional ALL-IN-ONE app for the casual and serious golfer. Includes scoring just like a real golf card, range finder* with satellite images**, and statistics with a calculated handicap index***. We understand that your primary goal is to improve your game, and have fun while you are out playing... not be distracted by the tools you use.
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  AgusRdgz - 7/23/10
Crap now that it does not uploads to oobgolf. This was the reason I picked this app over others... For now will not upgrade and use smartGOLFCARD+ for new courses
  nhpace - 7/20/10
Dropped oobgolf. Dumbest business decision in the history of life! Clearly a company that does not understand its customers needs.
  singledigits - 3/31/10
Great product, excellent accuracy. +/- 3 meters with my Droid (clear sky, no obstructions). Easy to mark courses with the GolfCard Mgr software.
  ajbaird90 - 10/26/11
  IMKMB - 7/29/10
  lazorbeam - 9/16/09
  Reslie - 7/8/09
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Number of Users: 3
Average Handicap: 11.9
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