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Why buy or carry around another device when GreenFinder converts your phone into a Golf GPS Rangefinder? For only $35, you can track your distance to the green, see how far to carry hazards and measure your shot distance. GreenFinder Golf GPS gives you everything you need to help improve your golf game - on your SmartPhone. GreenFinder is the best Golf GPS rangefinder for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and coming soon to the Palm Pre.
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  jimmaygolf - 6/6/10
This is my second year using GreenFinder. Value for money, this is unsurpassed in the market. $35 per year, with constant updates and a major revamp in the software this year to include aerial imagery. Was going to pay $400 plus tax for u_pro to get this feature, I just saved over $365!! Works great!
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