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The SG2.5 is ultra-light and compact with a LCD backlit display. It features our advanced course management features like IntelliGreen® to help you hit more greens. The SG2.5 comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which is good for up to 14 hours of continuous play.
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  Craig808 - 6/25/14
6 years and still sticking greens. Not in color, but have no problem reading it in the sunlight and it provides all the important info the other ones do.
  mgsk670 - 8/5/13
I have used mine for 4 years. Tried the apps on my smartphone but it is difficult to read this, especially in bright sunlight (we occasionally get this freak weather in England!)unlike the SG2.5 screen which is so readable. It does everything I want from it and I just love it! I still think the annual fee is too much and the least SKYGOLF could do is to introduce a loyalty discount. Come on Shygolf, give it a consideration as otherwise the smartphone apps which are getting better will cut into your sales.
  mudman1756 - 6/27/13
to many brands with no subscription fee. works fine don't know if its worth the extra fee.
  abqlarry - 3/24/13
never locks on a yardage fluctuates 1-5 yds every time I look at it. The freebee on my phone works better and is faster
  gbenavid - 3/16/13
I have had mine since it came out and it has always worked well. I upgraded to the SGX but had a hard time seeing the screen in the bright sunny Texas skies. Sold it and went back to my SG2.5 and happy again every since.
Like others cost, and only keeps one score which I can not see until I upload it.
  Prof.Blunt - 1/31/13
For me this a very adequate range finder.Easy to use,one inaccuracy it shows two lakes on our fourth hole when actually there are none.There are other range finders on the market now equally as good with no annual fee.The fee is the only drawback,£30 annually for basic membership is pretty steep.
  jrnymand - 5/29/12
Sweet little unit. Never had a problem with updates or errors in reading distances. Gives all the info you could possibly need. Distances to bunkers and hazards, and carry distances as well. Thirty bucks for state courses is a bit pricey, but overall... not too bad. Will definitely stay with skygolf when this one goes out.
  whiskeythompson - 5/10/12
overall value is good very accurate only problem subscription but will stay with skycaddie when this one needs replacing
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