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The SG2 (USB model) provides advanced capability in a light, compact and rugged form. With a membership, the SG2 can display IntelliGreen graphics and distances to tee, fairway and green targets. It is the original, classic SkyCaddie. At only 4.7 ounces, SG2 is the lightest and most compact rangefinder on the market.
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  casadelarbol - 7/23/13
good rangefinder, but website is terrible when trying to download courses
  jalloret - 8/8/11
A good GPS rangefinder. I received mine as a Christmas present in 2007; at that time, the SG2 was very expensive. With the advent of the newer models available, this model is clearly obsolete. However, having said that, it does its job very well. I find distances to be very accurate, and the target list (for the courses which have that feature available) to be incredibly valuable. One drawback I've noticed is that this model is rather sensitive to cloud cover, and I've experienced having no satellite reception for the first hole or two on several occasions.
  gherbener - 6/21/11
can't imagine playing golf without it
  GavinStuart - 3/2/17
  bobsr163 - 8/30/15
  Drew27 - 4/6/15
  lee.sullivan386 - 7/15/14
  Painkiller69 - 7/4/14
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