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The SG5 offers a brilliant color display that is viewable indoors and in direct sunlight. Store up to 20 full-featured courses at one time with our advanced course management features like Hazards, Carries and Layups, plus our patented new IntelliGreen® Pro and Interactive HoleVue™ With Zoom. The SG5 comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which is good for up to 14 hours of continuous play.
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  Rosco1 - 5/15/16
Have had my SG5 for years. Love it. Can only get one game before needing to recharge now after 7years. Can someone tell me how on a course I mapped myself to set the par for each hole?
  jgarrison1956 - 8/21/15
Mine has trouble getting charged. Any thoughts?
  gardinerb - 5/7/15
Have had my SG5 for 5+years with no functional problems whatsoever. Agree with "ghartman" it is difficult to track or find scores while golfing as well as go back to a previous hole to correct scoring. Another peeve (not with the skycaddie but rather the course mapper) is that yardages are not provided (in view mode) for some obvious hazards or end of fairways. Plus's far out-weigh the minus's with this unit. Wouldn't golf without it!
  RonBuch - 10/14/13
I have used my SG5 for more than 4 years and in the last 3 have used it 3 times a week. I use the Putts/GIR function everyday. Love it.
Question: why does my battery have only two contact points and the unit 3?
  flyfishcpa - 9/22/13
Been using the SG5 for several years. Considered upgrading but too many reported user issues. Want to be a better golfer, not a techie. Scoring on the device is easy but I wish there was a way to record distance. For a short time I was using my Iphone AND the SG5 but it was a real PITA. There is so much more that can be quickly recorded on the Iphone but the program really runs down the battery. Gartman and Gardinerb -- to check or edit your current score, when you are in the main "View" "IGreen" screen, hit the lower right hand button with the golf flag on it. The screen title will change to "Next Hole". Hit the "select" button on this screen. What will come up is "Hole #" screen you would use to record your score, select the "next" button on the screen. This will take you to the "Holes Played", "Over/Under" par, the absolute score and the number of putts. On the right hand of the screen, hit the "Score" button. This will take you to the "Scorecard". Navigate up or down to get to the hole you would like to correct. Once you are on the correct hole, left lowers the score; right increases the score. On this screen, hit the "Score" button on the right and you will see the "Over/Under" par scoring. Continue to hit the the "Score" button and you will see the "My Par" holes played with Over/Under par score by hole; hit "Score" again and you will see the number of holes played, your score +/- par, the absolute score, and the number of putts recorded. Hit "Ok" on the left and you will be taken back to the main "View" "IGreen" screen. Sounds complicated but after you do it once or twice, it's easy and quick.
  mj_doody - 8/26/13
I get no help in finding a replacement battery for my SG5. The current battery does not hold a charge. Help.
  Humphrey74 - 8/9/13
SG5 met my expectations, yardage to green, hazards, end of fairway. Never used it for scoring, handicap and trends. I use the mobile GHIN app for this. However after 5 years of loving the device I now have a problem with the GPS antenna being unstable while on the course. Worked with tech and support without success. Offered a rebuilt for replacement or a trade in price which is not much of a discount. However, after several rounds without the device I will be obtaining a replacement.
  kepnerd - 7/11/13
I loved the SG5 for 2 years and then it started shutting off while i was playing. Skycaddie replaced it for $85, but the replacement started shutting off too. After months of trying new batteries, resets, etc, Skycaddie said i needed to replace it again for $85. I went from a big fan to looking for alternatives.
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