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The Laser Link Red Hot is the next generation rangefinder from Laser Link Golf. It's designed to be faster, easier-to-use, and more powerful than the Gold NFE. Just like the Gold NFE, it can be a powerful tool for managing your game. The Laser Link Red Hot is designed to give you more information than just the distance to the flagstick. It has an easy to use red-dot alignment system that measures to landmarks such as trees, bunkers, and water hazards up to 400 yards. The easiest-to-use and faste
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  rlonergan77 - 9/16/13
  1downtown - 6/19/13
  gtuck002 - 6/21/12
  Cisco1965 - 1/7/12
  jfadams20 - 1/5/12
  chadking99 - 7/7/11
  sdnkpowell - 3/19/11
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Number of Users: 21
Average Handicap: 9.1
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