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Bushnell - V2 Tour with Slope

V2 Tour with Slope

  - Bushnell
Capitalizing off the success of the Pinseeker family, Bushnell introduces the Tour V2 Rangefinder with Slope and Pinseeker technology. While not legal for tournament play, slope is a great tool that lets you know exactly how far the adjusted distance is with compensation for elevation. This is what PGA Tour Players use Monday through Wednesday.
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  Vett_Mann - 7/21/12
Very good product,I have been playing the TourV2 slope edition,I love it,very good product.
  Lando8756 - 8/3/14
  floydbrown241 - 5/8/14
  argonaut - 4/21/14
  JIm_Smallwood_Jr. - 8/17/13
  clayton24 - 7/12/13
  dennis017 - 5/30/13
  Wiggles10 - 5/28/13
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