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  birdiexris - 4/1/10
They're a little stiffer than most new shoes right out of the box. Very plain looking upper- almost like those rubber overshoes. I opted for the saddle burgundy on my black ones just to add a little something. My feet haven't gotten wet yet, so they're definitely waterproof. The only thing i don't like is the soft hand on the inner lining. It's like a leatherette/ microfiber texture and it just GRABS your socks and makes it a little tough to get your foot in. Once you're in though, you don't slide around at all!!
  wolferdan - 8/6/11
  Banky38 - 7/29/10
  King Mike - 7/4/10
  JAndrade57 - 3/19/10
  Nickmicks - 1/24/10
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