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Snake Eyes - Original Forged "EV"

Original Forged "EV"

  - Snake Eyes
These are the original Snake Eyes Wedges made by Ernie Vaderson with heads forged by Smith & Wesson. The hosel is marked with an "EV."
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  saunderscc - 4/11/10
I started playing with these wedges in the mid-1990's. I have yet to find another wedge that I like better than the original EV's. They have little bounce, which I prefer.

I have worn out several wedges over the years. Years ago, but long after Snake Eyes was bought by GolfSmith, I came across several brand new EV's at a pro shop. I made the pro an offer and bought them all.

Unfortunately, I am down to my final 10, 11 and 12. I am continually looking for more on Ebay and elsewhere. If I can't find any, I may see if Scratch Golf in Chatanooga, TN, can duplicate the set.
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