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Wishon - PCF Micro Tour

PCF Micro Tour

  - Wishon
This traditional-sole wedge design features CNC-milled face and Micro-Groove™ scorelines. All of the bounce has been removed from the sole of these wedges to allow for a more open face, without raising the leading edge. These wedges are available in two different finishes — a standard satin chrome plating and a dark nickel-platinum finish.

Available in RH in 52°, 56°, and 60° lofts. Available in LH in 52° and 56° lofts.

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  d5n - 8/31/08
Just a fantastic wedge!
  Golfer655 - 12/14/14
  DavidBailey.UK - 9/26/14
  WayneBurke - 4/21/12
  Toddoe - 12/13/11
  wfwp91 - 5/25/11
  Sneak - 8/27/10
  BrokenT - 6/5/10
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