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Ping - Tour-S Brushed Silver

Tour-S Brushed Silver

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Control and feel are greatly enhanced in the new Tour-S wedges to help you fly shots precise distances. A machined face and conforming grooves allow you to manage spin from all conditions and a re-shaped sole geometry allows for versatility in your shot making. Its Custom Tuning Port angles toward the back surface to increase the perimeter weighting for added forgiveness.
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  Pitscrew - 6/30/13
52 Deg z-z65 shaft Yellow Dot
  AgusRdgz - 7/17/12
Gotta love this year's Ping offerings.
  Tessle - 10/4/17
  StephenWren - 11/27/16
  slo52002 - 7/28/16
  smcteg - 3/16/16
  Maserbeam - 11/6/15
  Daniel P. - 8/11/15
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