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VR Forged

  - Nike
The aggressive High Rev grooves are designed and milled into the club head up to the allowable limit to produce maximum spin for increased control and shot placement.
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  Legitimatebeef - 1/22/12
Very good wedges. Nice to look at, sets up nice. Good turf interaction and versatility. I haven't played too many wedges in my golf life so far but these have a pretty sweet feel when you hit the spot.
  Ian Wiseman - 11/13/11
Never had so much backspin but had to stop using pro V1 balls because this club tears the cover every hit....magic !! Srixon z star last longer.
  kpm486 - 7/18/17
  WDZGOOD - 6/18/17
  Lance Bendiak - 11/10/16
  dseawell - 8/7/16
  big dik - 7/31/16
  Devron79 - 6/17/16
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