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Titleist - Vokey Spin Milled Tour Chrome (2009)

Vokey Spin Milled Tour Chrome (2009)

  - Titleist
The Vokey Design Spin Milled Wedge has 30 percent more groove volume provide consistent and higher spin from grassy lies and wet play conditions.
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  WayneSpitzig - 9/21/11
Used 54-14, 58-10 for past two years, just too much bounce. Got the newer 54-12, 58-08 (tour grind) and just love them. What else can I say, Titleist wedges are the best period. Four of my golf buddies have switched from cleveland and they love their new Titleist wedges. We should be making a Titleist TV commercial with all the Titleist stuff we have switched to and purchased in the past two seasons.
  hackers1 - 7/28/17
  Frelighsburger - 7/8/17
  Victor Moscardo - 2/27/17
  GRIZZMO - 1/24/17
  Banky38 - 12/22/16
  Roovolution - 8/1/16
  Mangler77 - 6/5/16
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