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SkyCaddie TOUCH Update (v.
A new version of the SkyCaddie TOUCH software has been released. We encourage all SkyCaddie TOUCH customers to sync their device at their earliest convenience to install the latest software on it. Below are the release notes.

Version Details:

  • App Version:
  • Bluetooth version: 1.0.9
  • Map Pack version : 2014.088

Release Notes:

  1. Updated Bluetooth version to support syncing between the TOUCH and mobile devices (iOS and Android).
  2. Applies a fix for some 18-hole golf courses that previously showed a disabled 18th hole on the hole selector.
  3. Applies a fix for issues regarding the Tee Shot Distance not being stored/uploaded for any holes other Hole #1.
  4. Fixes issue where pressing the Power button from the Main Menu immediately after power up was not prompting the Lock Screen option.
  5. Fixes an issue with Driving Range-only Courses.
  6. Resolves date issues with Round uploads. Should now store correct date of the golf round and uploading and upload that to SkyGolf 360 instead of the sync date.
  7. Resolves issue where the device appears to lock up when a member-mapped course is selected.
  8. Fixes issue where the "Prompt Score" feature was not always prompting when switching holes
  9. Resolves an issue where the backlight was set to 0% after a sync.
  10. Modifies IntelliGreen view to show dashes ( - - ) for all distances once you are on the green and the "At Green" box is displayed.
  11. Fixes issue where toggling the Vivid HD setting on/off was not immediately taking effect if resuming a round.
  12. Corrects parsing and displaying of dual green courses.
  13. Corrects issue where the device would power off when plugging in the USB cable from certain screens would generate an unhandled exception error.
  14. Fixed issue where the landscape IntelliGreen view was being shown for Driving Ranges
Posted by admin on 12/19/14 at 08:00pm

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