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SkyGolf GT2 Gametracker
The SkyGolf GT2 Game Tracker is a wearable device to provide unmatched GPS accuracy when integrated with its SkyCaddie Mobile Rangefinder App.

The SkyGolf GT2 Game Tracker includes a highly accurate, wearable GPS and RFID sensor and featherweight tags that the golfer attaches to the grip end of each club. Designed to be a complete system, the SkyGolf Game Tracker provides both the distances you need via the integrated SkyCaddie Mobile Rangefinder app, but also easily captures the club used, distances and the location of each shot. During the round, golfers can quickly review their shots in real-time and get critical distance information via the SkyCaddie App.

The SkyGolf GameTracker technology makes shot tracking easy. The golfer merely attaches the SkyGolf SmartTags to each club in their bag and taps a club to the GT2 Game Tracker before taking a shot. The golfer is then able to see the club, location and distance of each shot overlaid on SkyCaddie Mobile’s Interactive HoleVue™ screen. AutoSwing detection knows when and where you swing so you never miss a shot even if you forget to tag.

With the SkyGolf GT2 each captured shot is sent automatically in real time to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud to eliminate connecting to a computer after the round. From the SkyGolf 360 Cloud, your results are immediately available for sharing with friends, family or your golf professional in real time or any time after the round.

“The SkyGolf 360 Cloud is basically a ShotLink for recreational golfers with its game changing technology that provides unmatched performance analysis while allowing anyone to follow you as you play a round of golf,” added Surman. “It is at the center of all our SkyGolf e-golf products and it allows you to gain insight to help identify your game’s strengths and weaknesses using post-round game analysis tools.”

For more information, visit www.skygolf.com.
Posted by admin on 05/16/16 at 05:00pm

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